Splash Backs

Our Splashbacks are cut, toughened and painted locally in a wide variety of colours and finishes.
There are two types of glass used for splashbacks, the first being ‘Starphire’ glass. Starphire is an optically clear glass, this means that the colour on the front (visible side) is true to the colour painted on the back.
The second type of glass used is normal clear glass which has a green colour to the make-up of it. This means that the colour seen from the front is different to the colour on the back. For example, white paint on the back will appear as a very light green on the front. Clear glass is cheaper than Starphire and is generally used when a true colour match is not necessary.
We can also cut out power point holes and fixing holes.
A huge colour range is available and our painters at Melcon Finishes have a wide range of finishes available for selection.

Our splashbacks have a 7 year warranty on the glass and paint, but they do have a lifetime expectancy.

Both Starphire and Clear Glass are Grade A Safety Glass and meet the requirements of AS 1288-2006, (Glass in buildings-Selection and installation) and AS 2208-1978, (Safety glazing material for use in buildings-Human impact considerations).