Cleaning high performance coated glass

Our high performance glass is supplied by G.James Australia Pty Ltd.  Their high performance monolithic and laminated glass products are characterised by their outstanding thermal insulation and solar control performance.  To achieve these qualities, a microscopically thin coating has been applied to the interior surface.  While these coatings are extremely hard and durable, they require modified handling, cleaning and maintenance compared to traditional glazing products.

Below is G.James recommendations for cleaning of their product.


Exterior Surface –

  1. Completely drench the glass with clean water to loosen residues, deposits or dirt.
  2. Spray one of the recommended cleaning products onto the glass surface.
  3. Immediately remove the cleaning solution with a lint free cloth.
  4. Any stubborn dirt should be lightly sponged off, being careful not to scratch the glass. All traces of water and cleaning solution must be removed from the glass, window frames and any sealants or gaskets present.  Failure to remove any residue may cause these components to deteriorate as a direct consequence of the cleaning process.


Interior Surface –

As the interior of these high performance products contains a microscopically thin coating, a different cleaning procedure is necessary.  While the recommended cleaning solutions are the same as detailed above, G.James advises that the coated face be hand cleaned, the use of squeegees is not recommended.


Recommended Cleaning Products

  • A solution of 1 part vinegar to 10 parts clean water
  • A solution of 1 part isopropyl alcohol to 1 part clean water